Empowering Modern Enterprises: Evolution of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) with Soffid

Jan 17, 2024 | soffid

Empowering Modern Enterprises: Evolution of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) with Soffid

In the rapidly evolving landscape of remote work, the significance of robust Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions cannot be overstated. As organizations navigate the complexities of dispersed workforces and diverse technologies, the need for a comprehensive approach to access management, governance, and security becomes paramount.

Challenges Addressed by Soffid IGA

Soffid, a leading solution in the IGA space, understands the urgency of enabling workforces with secure and efficient access to tools and applications. With Soffid, user access provisioning is streamlined, ensuring that employees have the necessary permissions without exposing organizations to undue risks. This is achieved through automated adjustments and removal of user access, reducing risks and enhancing compliance and productivity.

User Provisioning Made Simple

Soffid’s user provisioning is facilitated through connectors or agents, acting as bridges between Soffid and various repositories. Standard connectors allow seamless integration with commonly used repositories, such as LDAP directories, MS Active Directory, relational databases, and popular operating systems. These connectors enable bidirectional actions, creating or modifying user accounts in the managed system and registering existing user accounts in Soffid.

Efficient Role Management

From a technical standpoint, roles are grouped into repositories, while organizationally, they are organized into applications or information systems. Soffid facilitates the definition of roles for each information system and establishes a list of responsible individuals for each application, enhancing role management efficiency.

Robust Business Process Engine

Soffid integrates and extends the JBPM JBoss engine, providing a robust business process engine. With this engine, Soffid enables the definition of decision and management flows, offering unique characteristics to enhance workflow efficiency.

Attestation for Authorization Review

Attestation is a critical aspect of identity governance, allowing organizations to review and confirm the current status of permits and authorizations. Soffid’s attestation tools facilitate role definition validation by application owners, role assignment validation by department heads, and permission validation by application owners.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Soffid supports the generation of reports related to identities, authorizations, events, auditing, and more. These reports can be exported to spreadsheets, providing organizations with valuable insights into their identity and access landscape.

Additional Services

Enterprise Subscription Services: Soffid offers fully certified subscription services, providing access to the enterprise edition of their software. Clients benefit from expert guidance, tools, and tested solutions to meet their business requirements seamlessly.

Consulting & Deployment Services: Soffid goes beyond providing software solutions. Their strategic and consulting services focus on identity governance best practices, offering implementation advice and hands-on support. Soffid ensures that your single sign-on or identity governance solution meets the essential requirements of stability, scalability, and performance.

Soffid’s IGA solution stands at the forefront of empowering modern enterprises. With a focus on efficiency, security, and seamless integration, Soffid addresses the challenges posed by the evolving nature of work, offering organizations a comprehensive suite of tools and services to navigate the intricacies of identity governance and administration.


Unlock the Potential of Your Identity Governance

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