Sep 5, 2020 | Customer

Consum is a retail company. The are a Soffid customer since 2016. The company chose Soffid to be the tool to manage all their identities and accesses. Is that the reason why Consum has increased its productivity.

There has been a substantial increase in productivity by implementing the provisioning solution.

Soffid has also improved the level of security, as well as the company application access control.

We have manage the integration of Legacy Platforms such as AS400

Soffid has helped too to have the ISO27001 certification, obtained in 2019.

We have pushed forward the issue of ensuring the security and access control of the resources, what have been crucial to obtain ISO27001.

Soffid offers too secure remote access through Priviledge Account Management, so that, providers and IT specialists have the possibility to access to certain resources at the central.

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