Introducing the New Soffid Authenticator: Simplifying Security!

Introducing the New Soffid Authenticator: Simplifying Security!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Soffid Authenticator, an application designed to work in tandem with the Soffid Identity Provider. This innovative tool offers a seamlessly integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for all your web and legacy applications.


Key Features of Soffid Authenticator

1. Total Redesign of the User Interface

We’ve entirely redesigned the interface to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

2. Secrets are currently kept in the system key store.

Secrets are now stored in the system key store, further enhancing security and data management.

3. Enhanced Authentication Response

We’ve optimized the authentication request popup for improved responsiveness across all devices.

4. Improved Error Tracking

Enhancements have been made for more effective and detailed error tracking, easing issue identification and resolution.

The Soffid Authenticator is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Experience this innovative solution and strengthen the security of your applications and data effortlessly.


Discover how the Soffid Authenticator can elevate your security standards and provide a smoother authentication experience!


New Releases and Enhancements in Soffid: Download Available!

New Releases and Enhancements in Soffid: Download Available!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of new releases and enhancements to the Soffid platform. You can now access the latest versions for both the Console and Synchronization Server, along with several add-ons and a new version of PAM.

In this new update, we’ve incorporated features like support for using Docker Compose, streamlining installation and upgrade processes. Additionally, we’ve introduced new configurable environment variables in the installation.

The latest version of our Push Authenticator is now available as an authentication method, supporting one-click authentication for login. Among the improvements, we’ve focused on responsive design for mobiles and tablets, as well as specific enhancements across various areas of the platform.


  • Console 3.5.9: New environment variables, mobile design improvements, Docker Compose compatibility, and more.
  • Synchronization Server Task corrections in Oracle database, configuration encryption improvements, and bug fixes.
  • PAM 1.4.24: Docker image updates, improvements in screenshot search, SSH file transfer, and more.
  • Addons: Enhancements and updates across various add-ons such as Federation, BPM, OTP, SCIM, XACML, Report, and Admin.


Visit this link to access the download for these new versions and explore all the enhancements they offer.


Discover how these updates can elevate your company’s security and identity management to the next level with Soffid!

Navigating the Waters of Cybersecurity Threats: How Soffid Can Safeguard Your Business

Navigating the Waters of Cybersecurity Threats: How Soffid Can Safeguard Your Business

In today’s world, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. As cyber threats continue to evolve and grow in sophistication, safeguarding our digital assets becomes a top priority. Today, on our blog, we’re delving into the cybersecurity threats faced by businesses and how Soffid’s converged platform can make a difference in this ongoing battle.


Rising Threats

Every day, businesses of all sizes confront a growing array of cybersecurity threats. From ransomware and phishing to security vulnerabilities in applications and systems, the threat landscape is diverse and ever-changing.

This is where Soffid comes into play. Our comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform provides a converged response to these threats. What does this mean? It means that we offer solutions in key areas, including:



Our platform not only provides solutions in these key areas but also effectively integrates into a converged solution. This means that businesses can address multiple cybersecurity challenges from a single point of control. It streamlines management, strengthens security, and saves time and resources.

At Soffid, we understand the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. We are committed to helping businesses protect their digital assets, ensure data privacy, and stay one step ahead of attackers. Our converged platform is a powerful tool in this battle.

If you’d like to learn more about how Soffid can help your business tackle cybersecurity threats, feel free to get in touch with us. Cybersecurity has never been more critical, and we’re here to support your online defense.

The Current Threat: How Soffid Protects Against Phishing and Identity Impersonation

The Current Threat: How Soffid Protects Against Phishing and Identity Impersonation

In an increasingly connected world, organizations face a growing threat: phishing and identity impersonation. Attackers seek to exploit employees’ trust to steal sensitive information or compromise a company’s security. In this context, having a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution like the one offered by Soffid is essential.


The Risk of Phishing and Identity Impersonation

Phishing is an attack tactic in which cybercriminals impersonate legitimate entities, such as banks, service providers, or even colleagues, with the aim of deceiving employees and obtaining confidential information, such as passwords or access data.


How Soffid Addresses this Threat

Soffid understands the seriousness of the phishing threat and has implemented advanced measures to protect organizations. Some of the key features and capabilities include:

  1. Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Soffid offers robust authentication through MFA, making it significantly more difficult for attackers to gain access to accounts and systems even if they obtain user credentials.
  2. User Behavior Monitoring: The Soffid platform can analyze user behavior to identify anomalous patterns that may indicate attempts at identity impersonation.
  3. Session Management: Soffid controls and logs user sessions, aiding in identifying and blocking unauthorized access.
  4. Education and Awareness: Soffid provides tools to educate employees on identifying and preventing phishing, strengthening the first line of defense.


Benefits of Soffid in the Fight Against Phishing

  • Increased resilience against phishing and identity impersonation attacks.
  • Protection of critical organizational data and assets.
  • Compliance with data security regulations.

In a world where phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, having an IAM solution like Soffid is essential to safeguard your organization’s integrity.