How to remove unnecessary password dialogs

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Password stress is a common problem on small and big copmanies. The advent of cloud applications has increased the number of user names and passwords that an average user has to manage.
Soffid provides a complete single sign on mechanism, able to get rid authentication dialogs in a easy, efficient and secure fashion.

Password sincronization

Soffid IAM is able to synchronize user passwords, so that users can use the same password for every application or only a subset of them, despite the user name could be different in some of them. In this way, the number of issues related to password usage is dramatically reduced. Additionaly, Soffid provides two complimentary products to avoid users from wasting time entering user names and password, increasing their produtivity.

Enterprise Single Sign On (ESSO)

ESSO module is installed in desktop devices using Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux. ESSO is able to enter the passwords needed for each application on behalf of the user. To get it, administrator is to configure dialog detection patterns as well as credential injection rules. This way, when a password is required, Soffid will immediately enter user name and password on behalf of the user. Only when the user is granted more than one account on an application, Soffid ESSO will request the user to select one of the granted accounts.

Web Single Sign On (WSSO)

WSSO module is installed in the network as an additional web server, acting as a bridge between users and actual applications. It uses the same technology as ESSO to inject user name and password in web applications. As no software is to be installed on the user device, it is suitable for smartphones, tablets or any other device where ESSO cannot be installed. As a live sample of this technology, Soffid developer area grants access to four independent applications. Soffid WSSO is connected to PHPBB, Drupal, Jira and Confluence, alllowing any people to register itself as well as using federated identities from Google, Facebook or Yahoo to access seamlessly to any of them. When the user closes the session, it will be closed on the four applications at once.