The value of a unified platform in defending an enterprise against cyberattacks

Apr 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

It is increasingly essential to have a convergent platform that protects the company against cyberattacks. It is crucial to protect assets to make it very difficult or almost impossible for hackers to obtain all the company’s data. The threat landscape does not give organizations and users a break, nor does the global situation in which any geopolitical, economic, or labour tension will increase the risk of new cyberattacks arising.

Recent reports indicate that ransomware attacks against merchants are the most prevalent. In over half of the cases, cybercriminals managed to encrypt the files of the attacked companies. In addition, for almost all retailers, the attack affected their capability to perform and resulted in a loss of business or revenue.

Skills to deal with attacks.

Common skills to face cyberattacks Professionals who make protection a reality have strong abilities and knowledge to develop a security network against cyberattacks.

These skills are:

Technical expertise

It is necessary to have a strong technical understanding of programming languages, operating systems, databases, and computer networks. This will make it easy to spot any weaknesses and put the right security measures in place.

Risk Evaluation

To determine the extent and create mitigation and recovery strategies in the event of a security breach, they must be able to assess and analyse computer security risks.


They should be quick and effective in locating the source of an issue and coming up with a workable solution that addresses it in the least amount of time.

Critical Analysis

They ought to be able to evaluate challenging circumstances. Making choices that protect systems and data requires the capacity to weigh a variety of data and possibilities.

Successful Communication

It’s crucial to be able to express complicated technical ideas to anyone, professionals included, clearly and concisely.

Project Management

Establishing and meeting deadlines, controlling spending, and coordinating work teams all depend on having the ability to plan, carry out, and monitor projects.

Strategic Approaches

Create and put into practice computer security measures that safeguard systems and data.

Aside from these fundamental abilities, it’s important to keep in mind that in a world where trends and technology advance at the speed of light, curiosity and a desire to learn are basic character traits.

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