Checksum appointed Soffid’s featured partner for Middle East markets

Oct 9, 2023 | soffid

On October the 1st, Soffid appointed Checksum as its featured partner for Middle East markets (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates[Miquel Si1] [Raghu Sha2] ). Under this agreement, Checksum will market Soffid’s Identity and Management solution portfolio (Access Management – AM, Identity Governance and Administration – IGA, identity Risk and Compliance – IRC, Privileged Access Management – PAM and Security Information and Event Management – SIEM) across Checksum region of influence and Soffid will route Middle East leads and opportunities to Checksum.


Raghu Sharma, Sales Director of Checksum, comments: “Cybersecurity and Compliance are increasingly looked as complex and specialized skill and endeavor. Checksum’s mission is to provide simple yet efficient solutions to our clients’ growing Information security requirements. We are always looking for partners that assist us in achieving our mission to deliver Value through Cybersecurity optimized for our clients’ needs and environment. We are delighted to choose Soffid as our partner to cooperate in the GCC region.


After collaborating with Checksum on multiple projects and opportunities in the Middle East, we are excited to expand our partnership even further by enhancing collaboration and knowledge transfer, with a focus on delivering more value to our customers and strengthen Soffid’s regional presence. ” said Miquel Simó, CCO of Soffid. Checksum is key to Soffid’s expansion strategy for Middle East markets, as they can provide local support (both geographical and cultural) to our customers. As part of this agreement, Soffid will train Checksum commercial workforce to empower them in detecting, raising and managing leads, and will train Checksum technical teams to better support it’s customers”.


About Checksum

Checksum is a Cyber and Information Security company based in Bahrain, serving all GCC countries. For ten years, Checksum has been delivering its customers specialized services to help them realize value from seeking Cybersecurity and compliance and protect them from ever growing threat landscape and Security challenges. Checksum believes that Cybersecurity and compliance should be path for businesses to return value and increase revenue and not to be seen as a compulsory expense. For more information visit or send an email to



About Soffid IAM

Soffid IAM delivers the most comprehensive list of IAM features and products covering all IAM lifecycle (AM, IGA, IRC and PAM). Headquartered in Palma, Mallorca, Spain, Soffid’s hyperconverged IAM suite serves customers in more than 30 countries worldwide, protecting public institutions and private companies sensible information. For more information visit or send an email to


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