Why Soffid



Soffid has been build from scratch to reduce its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As diferencial key points, the following should be noted:

  • Installation wizard allow administrator to deploy Soffid in 10 minutes
  • No license fee applies. You only pay for support and maintenance services.
  • Everything is managed from a single administration console, reducing learning and operation overhead.


Security is a must, and Soffid security is built-in by design

    Soffid, as an european company, respect all the european privacy data laws and Soffid product helps you to do it as well.

  • Our source code is open, so anyone can inspect and assess its security
  • It has been largely tested along years


And last, but not least, our unique features makes it easier to maintain and operate

  • Soffid has one of the most comprehensive feature set, including unique features as integrated enterprise single sign on, web single sign on, privileged account management and more..
  • The whole source code is available on-line.
  • No need to customize XML files or external scripts
  • Its relational database can be exploded to perform fast and effective live reports

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