Privacy law enforcement

soffid solution-2

Privacy laws compliance enforces some controls to be applied. Despite some controls are easy to manage and audit, some others require a bigger effort.

Soffid set of features helps to solve this problem. This are the most relevant ones:

  • Enforce selected roles to be supervised and approved by system information managers.
  • Automatic entitlement removal whenever they are no longer needed.
  • Disable not used accounts.
  • Unify password policies among systems.
  • Audit report generation.

Next image shows the detailed information an auditor can get regarding a specific entitlement, including grantee users and assigned or certification dates.
Additionaly, report add on allows administrator to customize, create and schedule reports that leverage Soffid relational data base
Last, but not least, the inversion is quickly returned during timed audits. Audit trails and evicences will be got by auditor directly from Soffid console, reducing drastically the time needed to acomplish audit process.