Open source is the key

We love open source products, and Soffid IAM itself uses lots of open source components. So Soffid IAM is released under GNU-GPL license principles.

We want to get peer reviews, improvements or simple suggestions from the users, developers and integrators community.

From an enterprise point of view we want to provide companies a cost-effective core component of the IT management, easy to be deployed and without lock-in risks.

Open vs Enterprise

Community WebOpen source and enterprise Soffid versions will be almost identical, despite some differences on the security and encryption algorithms. A new opensource version will be released every three months including all the stable features we have been working on. The enterprise edition will have additional quality and security assurance procedures that will inhibit us from doing a so fast release cycle. We kindly encourage the use of enterprise versions on business critical environments.

In the next months we will introduce new tools to interact with the opensource community. Meanwhile you can begin downloading sources or binaries and enjoying Soffid:


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