New Version 1.2

CUBO 1.2

We look young but we have a lot of work done with our tool, and we are experienced. Now we notice that you have available our latest open source solutions for your company: Shared accounts improvements…

Available Now, our new version of Soffid IAM Solution (v1.2)


    • Shared accounts improvements. 

      Now, Soffid supports shared accounts. It’s password lifecycle will be managed exclusively by Soffid, but selected users will be allowed to use them seamlessly.

      • High privilege accounts management

        Now, Soffid allows enterprises to manage it’s high privileged accounts. Those accounts can be used by more than one person, but only one of them knows it’s password at a time.

      • Self service portal improvement.

        Self service portal now can be used from any device, ranging from 17″ displays to low cost smart phones.

      • Managed systems accounting audit.

        Now security administrators can audit accounts and authorization changes made on managed systems, accept and load those accounts and authorizations on Soffid or discard them.

      • Audit log improvement.

        Now audit records are easier to understand. Furthermore, any audit record query will also be recorded.

      • Support for Oracle as database backend, as well as MS SQL Server and My SQL.
      • Now a user can have more than one personal account per managed system.

        More and more, account naming can be easily customized adding custom scripts to generate account names based on user data.

      • Performance improvements on synchronization server.
      • Lots of bug fixes