How to secure mobile device access

soffid solution-2

To secure mobile device access is an important challenge, due to potential security risks that a device lost represents. Soffid can reduce security risks while improving user experience using digital certificates. The advantages that a digital certificate represents are clear from technical and functional point of view.

  • Cryptographic security of digital ceritifcates is by far stronger than password usage.
  • Certificates can not be stolen using keyloggers or any other social engineering trick.
  • A certificate life cycle spans for many years. This prevents the needs for often password changes.
  • User access is faster and easier.

From a cost perspective, Soffid ofers a way to absoloutly reduce total cost of ownership. Uers can manage its certificates without help desk or IT department help, issuing certificates for each one of its devices unattended, as the following screen capture of an Android tablet shows.

Furthermore, users as well as Soffid administrators or operators can revoke certificates belonging to lost devices, removing any chance to get access from it, as shows the following console screencast.

Mind that this solution can also be applied to any kind of desktops. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer are actively supported.