How to control access to privacy information

soffid solution-2

Soffid is able to identify the existing access levels to any information system, as well as the accounts, its owners and the access level granted to each account.
Once Soffid has gathered all the information, it is delivered to information system manager in order to effectively manage and track access controls, as it is shown in next figure.


More and more, Soffid allows many ways to grant access to privacy or confidential data:

  • As usual, IT department can be enabled to grant or revoke access entitlements.
  • Automatically, based on rules that assign entitlements based on account owner attributes and properties.
  • By means of self service portal, users can make entitlement requests, and aproval procedures will be applied.

Finally, Soffid audit log ensures that information system owners can easily get who and how any entitlement has been assigned.