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Soffid incorporates, extends and enhances the JBoss jBPM engine. With this engine, Soffid allows the definition of decision and management flows due to its unique features:

  • Graphical editing interface based on Eclipse.
  • Programmable events in compiled java or interpreted bean shell.
  • Ability to perform tasks with and without manual intervention.
  • Ability to perform synchronous and asynchronous tasks (scheduled).
  • Ability to create multiple streams (token) of parallel execution in the same process.
  • Ability to create child processes of an existing process.
  • Ability to require the electronic signature of manual tasks. Signers certificates can be stored on the host operating system or in cryptographic cards.
  • Integration with document management systems for the generation and management of attached documentation.
  • Upon new process versions, Soffid can smoothly upgrade running processes, leaving to the integrator some decisions regarding the update process.

Workflows can be launched by user request or can be launched in response to some change or action, in such a way that some operations can be paused until a workflow is executed. For example, it’s possible to set an approval workflow for any role assignment made for an application system, thus the security operator can assign the role, but the assignment won’t be effective until the information system owner approves it.

Workflows can be used to perform or actions otherwise the user could not perform. The following list contains a sample of the most common flows supported by Soffid:

  • User registration.
  • Request permission.
  • Unlocking password.
  • Functions and divestitures OU.
  • Recertification of user authorizations.
  • Notification about to expire password