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Soffid can manage shared accounts that may be used by more than one user. Each of these accounts should have an access control list specifying either directly, either indirectly, who can make use of that account.

Authorized users can use the self-service portal to query and change the password of shared accounts to which they have access. This feature can be enabled or disabled by password policy.

A special type of shared accounts that exist in many system due to technical or historical reasons are high privileged accounts. These accounts can be managed in a more secure way as long as only one user at a time will know the password.

If a user authorized to use the “root” account wants to actually use it, the user should access the self-service portal and reserve the account for over a period of time. Once the account is locked, the user can change the password and access the system.

How could not be otherwise, all uses and accesses to shared accounts are properly audited.