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Both users and administrators interact always with Soffid through Management Console. This console is a web application, designed following OWASP best practices. This console uses ZK framework in order to deliver a rich user interface (AJAX based) to users while guaranteeing a strong defense against common code injection attacks.

It also has force brute attack response mechanisms. This allows the console to be used remotely, while reducing the remote access related risks. In addition, usage of X.509 electronic certificates can be enforced.

The console can be used from any desktop with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Soffid also has a self service web portal that can be used from any device, including Android or iOS devices, in either portrait or landscape position.

The console can be fully customized and configured to meet the organization requirements by means of add-ons. This add-ons can change the tool look and feel as well as add new features or modify existing ones. In order to customize the console, in no case the administrator is required to edit external configuration files, easing the upgrade of core component and addons.

The user can select the language to use the console from English, Spanish and Catalan.