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Hello and welcome to our home.

Int 2012, having got more than twenty years experience in information technology security, it was time to take a step forward and transform all my knowledge into a product that was worthy for global technology users community. If I should resume in three sentences the conclussions of my past experience in information security, they wold be the following ones:

  • Technolgoy should be free, despite service has a cost. As a user, I want to have the chance to test and evaluate technology by myself. This is why whole Soffid software is open and free. Everyone can download it, install it or use it without restrictions. To achieve this, our software is licensed using GPLv3 clauses.
  • The most practical way to increase security is to put information security technology within reach of every single user. Any information security measure should be so easy and effective as a safety belt, as long as the underlying technology complexity should not avoid a child to fasten it properly.
  • Security software needs secure tools and secure development processes. The tools and environments used to build, test and put Soffid into production are always security minded. This is the only path to get secure software..

Further than this facts, TCO should always be taken into consideration. Regarding this, the right path to address identities management reducing both costs and risks begins with a datailed, complete and robust dynamic data model, but avoidng the fat that bloats most of current solutions. This allow to deploy advanced solutions just like privileged account management and enterprise single sign on at a fraction of the cost it used to have.

So, and starting with a solution that had been built from scratch by my team (and myself) for a public institution for ten years, Soffid has created a powerful tool to manage identities, free and easy to use, encouraging any interested people to participate in its extension and improvement.

If you have any question, , please do not hesitate to contact us at

Gabriel Buades

Soffid CEO & Founder

About Soffid

Our offices are located in the most beautiful island, in the Mediterranean Sea

Carrer Galileo Galilei, Edificio U, Local 2
Parc Bit
07121 Palma de Mallorca

Our main goals are:

  • Provide an almost zero defects software to manage identities across organizations.
  • Provide the best available customer support.
  • Create a community of users, integrators and developers as the right way to improve the quality of the sofware