The begining

Once upon a time, in the past 20th century, a 30.000+ users company had a huge problem with Identity & Access Management, but no product could address their needs. So a skilled team began to build a new product from ground up to address their needs.

That product has been improved consistently during more than 10 years and now is, from our perspective, the best solution to manage identities and their access. Independently if the environment is web or traditional, big or small , centralized or distributed Soffid IAM will fit your needs.

The fundation of a new company

In 2013 Soffid has been established as a new company with head quarters in Mallorca ( Spain ). In spite of being a young company, we have a long experience deploying and developing IT security solutions, including Identity & Access Management, Enterprise Single Sign On and Identity Federation, so we aim to be the leaders in open source Identity and Access Management solutions.

Our main goals are:

  • Provide an almost zero defects software to manage identities across organizations.
  • Provide the best available customer support.
  • Create a community of users, integrators and developers as the right way to improve the quality of the sofware

If you have any question, , please do not hesitate to contact us at