1.6 version is coming

1.6 Beta

After five months of hard work, the new 1.6 version is ready to be tested. It contains a bunch of new and relevant features, improving both identity governance and technical features.

New identity governance features

  • Improved reporting addon
  • Improved accounts usage audit log
  • Added Active Directory compatible complex passwords checking
  • Better navigation and look and feel.
  • Customizable account metadata and properties for each managed system
  • Easy to customize full name composition
  • User can add or remove columns to any list at will.
  • Compose mail lists based on users, other lists, groups or assigned roles
  • Improved audit search screen.
  • Connector configuration export/import tool.
  • New JSON Rest web service support.
  • Users can now transform single user accounts into shared accounts.

Technical improvements

  • Enable synchronization connectors to use dedicated or shared server threads
  • Complete support for Maria DB multi master replica configurations
  • Syslog integration with SIEMs
  • Improve database upgrade process
  • Better synchronuse password changes
  • JDK is no longer needed to run console. JRE is enough.
  • New password encryption algorithms
  • Synchronization engine performance has been improved for many scenarios.
  • New SCIM connector.
  • Updated connectors for GoogleApps, Windows, LDAP and SQL.


  • Email notifications are now properly encoded
  • Correct handling of roles with % in its name
  • Search for users on task delegation could fail
  • Some other minor fixes.

You can download any module from SourceForge: